BCF Minerals


A mineral lease is an agreement by which a producer is given the right to drill your land to develop and extract the minerals underneath. If drilling is successful, you will receive a small portion of the profits from the sale of hydrocarbons from your lands. The amount paid to you will decline over time as minerals are extracted.



Selling mineral rights allows you to be paid cash up front for 100% of the anticipated value of the minerals that could be extracted from under your land. This value is paid directly to you in a lump sum payment and does not require any drilling of your property.


Step 1

Contact us for a FREE consultation and evaluation of your Mineral Rights and/or Royalty ownership. Call us at - (918)518-6644 or send us an email.

Step 2

Once we recieve your email or phone call, we will gather some more information from you regarding your property. Once we have enough information, we’ll give you a cash offer.

Step 3

If you choose to accept our cash offer, our team will send purchase documents via email or overnight delivery to put your deal in motion right away. We also offer overnight cashier checks or bank wires, ensuring you receive payment as soon as possible.